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    “The McDuffie’s are the best. I have had my insurance with them for 2 years now. I moved from a Direct writer to Erie with them and they saved me over $600.00 a year. If i have a question i do not have to talk to the company direct i just speak with Mark, Beth, or Brett.”

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    “When I got married we started switching all of my policies over to Eerie with Mark. I am so happy I “inherited” Mark McDuffie Insurance! First of all, the auto rates were far cheaper than I had ever gotten at State Farm or Progressive. But the best part is the customer service! All of my experiences with Mark have not only been pleasant, they have been simple and straightforward. You can tell that he goes above and beyond for his clients. One of the things that really stood out to me is that when I was switching our homeowner’s policy to Eerie, Mark sent a termination letter addressed to my former carrier, along with an addressed & stamped envelope – all I had to do was sign and drop it in the mail! That is something you don’t see when you are dealing with big names in the insurance world. Thank you McDuffie’s!”

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    “Having worked for an insurance company a few times, I am particularly critical of who I choose as my agency. This is a great insurance agency. They always respond to your emails/calls quickly and have an answer for you. They are friendly and know what they are doing. And you can’t beat their rates.

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    “I have had Erie Insurance for over 7 years with 5 of those years being with Mark & Beth. Recently, I almost made the biggest mistake ever – switching to AllState. Not only did I get majorly “dooped” by AllState, but lied to beyond belief. After realizing what was happening, I immediately called Mark & Beth in hopes that they would “take me back”. Beth talked with me for over 30 minutes, helping me fix the major problem only I had created – all with the most pleasant attitude and sweetest deposition ever. What was I even thinking when I decided to switch insurance companies?! Lesson learned: the grass is not greener on the other side AND Mark & Beth are not only my family’s insurance agents, but two people who truly care about us, our well being, safety and happiness. Never once have we been treated lesser than a best friend, an honorary family member, of the McDuffie’s. I cannot thank them enough for always being there for my family and for taking care of us when we didn’t even know it. You guys are THE BEST!”

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    “They are my agents for my homeowners and auto insurance. They are the BEST. I recently had a mix up with my insurance renewal because of my error, due to me having a very serous chronic health problem that sometimes interferes with my normal life activities. When I became aware that I had made a mistake with my annual renewal-this month-xxxxx was right on top of it and handled everything with lightning speed! She had everything straightened out within an hour and I received my new auto insurance ID card in barely 24 hours! Also. I had my very first homeowners claim last September and xxxxx moved rapidly with that also. I was surprised at how quickly I received the check to pay for the materials and the workers.”